Marble and flooring

Societe Nabika International


Consulting and installations


Societe Nabika International brings fine selective and  high quality ceramics well as mosaics from around the world.  Our great collections imported from Indonesia and other Eastern 
styles. Visit our showrooms and the website constantly for latest industry trends of stone, marble and ceramics.

Marbles and Tiles

We also trade on marbles and flooring tiles. We import all kind of flooring tiles include glaze marbles, texture, patterns, flooring mat and hardwood flooring. Our flooring services starts from customer importing tiles to measuring tools and installations for commercial and  residential projects in Africa.

Design & Installation

Flooring and decor is the new trend for the fact that it will give the house or an office an elegant appeal. Tile flooring is not only reflects the beauty of the establishment but it is also easy to clean and maintain its lifetime. Societe Nabika International provides professional installation for your project.

Custom Order

We can customize your order from the finest collections of ceramics and tiles from around the world.

Design & Installation

Our professional team will install the customized ceramics and tiles for you.

Release & Promotion

Come often to visit us as we release offers and sale throughout the year.