Civil Works

Societe Nabika International

Civil Works

Custom Import

Construction Equipment

Societe Nabika International Import all kinds of construction equipment in advance technology such as Caterpillars. Bulldozer, Concrete pumps, , Jackhammer and more. We import them through Cotonou see port in Benin west Africa. We import custom brands, color, model  and type of all equipment. You need to consult with us in order to buy and ship your equipment to the final destination in Africa.

Mining Equipment

We import all most all kind of mining equipment and water well digging heavy machines. Examples, Rock-breaker, excavator, Loader and haul trucks. These machines will help you become more efficient and productive. These machines are designated for governments use at most. Our job is to affiliate as private contractor and make the final execution.  Custom order will define the model, color and year.

Order Process

The order process will start with a proposal from Societe Nabika International with the details of the equipment after the first request from the client is submitted upon the information provided. After accepting the proposal we will consult with the buyer and make the final execution. The shipping method will be across the oceans in a cargo shipment to Cotonou, Benin in west Africa and from there to the final destination.

Custom Order

We can customize your order from the finest collections of Caterpillars, trucks..


We import vehicles through Cotonou see port in Benin west Africa.

Release & Promotion

Come often to visit us as we release offers and sale throughout the year.