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Societe Nabika International


Societe Nabika International  is trading on transportation industries for may years. We import trucks, buses, cars and construction equipment to African markets. Our collection is is perfectly suits Africa's nature and climate in terms of vehicle infrastructure.

Marbles and Flooring

We also trade on marbles and flooring tiles.  We import all kind of flooring tiles include glaze marbles, texture, patterns, flooring mat and hardwood flooring. Our flooring services starts from customer importing tiles to measuring tools and installations for commercial and  residential.


Societe Nabika International provides general civil work engineering and consultation for African countries. Our civil engineering work is design to create solutions to mining and geological drinking water wells digging in African countries. The service is available for  governments.

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I'm a satisfied customer for Societe Nabika International it was a small project at the time, I needed  ceramics for my new house.  They handled every step professionally from ordering the customize ceramics from China and completed the installation in a quite short amount of time. I appreciate all the effort they put into this project from start to finish and I will use them again in the future.