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Who we are

Nabika International is trading on high quality marbles and mosaics, our great collections imported from Indonesia and Eastern
 style. Visit our showrooms and the website constantly for latest industry trends of stone, marbles and ceramics. Nabika International is located and operates in Chad, Africa.

What we do

Societe Nabika International provide trading and focus on three different industries. We import special equipment for constructions for rural development projects in African countries, transportation vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks  and vans. Our trade also focus on flooring tiles and ceramics.

Why we do it

 African continent is rich of  natural resources but still most of which has not been used due to the lack of outreach to the first world technology. Our mission is to make the positive connection with the international markets and import more of today's technology to African countries.

New home remodel with new kitchen and diningroom in eclectic style





Civil work

Societe Nabika International

Our main areas of expertise

We are international trading company located in N'Djamena, Chad. We import different goods from around the world including trading on flooring tiles and ceramic. Societe Nabika International has a solutions for rural development projects in African countries include custom order importing  for civil engineering work equipment such as caterpillars, trucks, forklifts  and other heavy duty geological digging equipment for drinking water wells and mining.
Other importing and trading service for transportation are also available upon specific order request include buying import and delivery to Africa through international see ports.

What our clients say

I'm a satisfied customer for Societe Nabika International it was a small project at the time, I needed  ceramics for my new house.  They handled every step professionally from ordering the customize ceramics from China and completed the installation in a quite short amount of time. I appreciate all the effort they put into this project from start to finish and I will use them again in the future.

Timan Owner

We started a new construction company in N'Djamena a year ago.  We ordered new equipment including Caterpillar through Societe Nabika International, they completed all the process and shipped all items to The port of Cotonou, Benin we  received  the order in less than 2 month. We do recommend them for their excellent services.

Ali Adam Founder ARD